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PVGuard® Fleet Manager
Intelligent monitoring across plant portfolio

The integrated PVGuard® Fleet Manager allows system owners and operators to monitor the technical performance of all PV power plants, inverters and alarms across their entire fleet in a single view, which they can filter or sort to suit their individual needs.


Whether they display it on large-screen monitors in their control room or on a tablet PC, they get an at-a-glance picture of the crucial information on their plant fleet.


The column header includes a field showing an aggregate value for the column, such as the column total, mean, median, minimum or maximum. Clicking the field allows to toggle through the different aggregate values available.

WebPortal Video

Detailed information about the features of the PVGuard WebPortal from skytron energy. Your fast and easy web access to all PV data.

PVGuard WebPortal


You can find our system documentation and software - always up-to-date and available in a range of different languages.

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