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Update: PVGuard® 2.3integrated control functionality

PVGuard® version 2.3 brings a number of improvements to the application: Remote control of PV systems from the control room, system controller and network analysis in high resolution, further integration of FlexReportXL as well as additional enhancements.

skytron® energy is pleased to announce the release of version 2.3 of PVGuard®. The new version will be released on the night of Monday-Tuesday, May 30-31 2016, and then will become automatically available to all PVGuard customers. The PVGuard Supervision platform based on Java requires a Java runtime environment. At present, Version 8 of Java is recommended although the program will run on Version 7. Please note that PVGuard version 2.3 will be the last version that supports Java 7.


New Features in Version 2.3
Apart from fixes, version 2.3 brings a number of improvements to the application.


(1) Remote control of PV systems from the central control room (additional hardware required)

  • With the integrated control functionality of RtSO (Real-time SCADA Operations) you can directly connect with your power plant via an individually designed PVGuard Dashboard and perform switching operations like switching on and off individual inverters, blocks or the entire power plant.
  • Display of live data: Using the direct connection you can obtain live displays of selected data channels in Dashboards. Thus the impact of switching actions can be seen immediately.


(2) Acquisition, storage and analysis of high-resolution data (additional hardware required)

  • System controller and network analysis in high resolution: High-resolution data from the network analysis and the system controller can be stored for up to 6 months in the database. This data can also be in addition to the historian data for evaluation of site performance.
  • Improved data resolution in PVGuard data analysis tools: To evaluate the high-resolution data PVGuard provides a new data resolution option, which you can use in charts, tables or further evaluations such as scatter plots


(3) Further integration of FlexReportXL

  • Report plans in PVGuard: Create report plans directly in PVGuard and schedule the automatic creation and delivery of reports in a newly created PVGuard user interface.
  • Retrieval of generated reports: In addition to the regular mail delivery generated reports are stored in PVGuard and can be accessed anytime and possibly revised subsequently.


(4) Additional enhancements

  • Improved compatibility: Further adjustments of PVGuard improve compatibility in 64bit environments - especially for Windows 10 and Java 8.
  • Additional configuration options: Additional filter in the mail configuration and other client settings enhance the customization of your PVGuard installation.



Update: PVGuard® 2.6

Fleet Manager with aggregated values

Apart from fixes, version 2.6 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Fleet Manager with aggregated values, Expected Power / Expected Yield, alarm functions now include seasonality.


Update: PVGuard® 2.5

Heat Map

Apart from fixes, version 2.5 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Heat Map Chart, Data-Dependent Color-Coded Widgets and Picture-Coded Widgets.


PVGuard® 2.4

Fleet Management

Intelligent monitoring across plant portfolio through new Fleet Manager