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Update: PVGuard® 2.6Fleet Manager with aggregated values

Apart from fixes, version 2.6 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Fleet Manager with aggregated values, Expected Power / Expected Yield, alarm functions now include seasonality.


(1) Fleet Manager with aggregated values

A new function has been added to the fleet manager, the main tool to monitor the technical performance of all PV power plants, inverters and alarms across the entire fleet in a single view. As of PVGuard version 2.6, the column header includes a field showing an aggregate value for the column, such as the column total, mean, median, minimum or maximum. Clicking the field allows you to toggle through the different aggregate values available.


Heatmap Chart PVGuard skytron energy


(2) Expected Power / Expected Yield

A new, derived data channel "Expected Power" has been added. This is calculated from the irradiance, maximum power of the system, an individual loss factor and a "target PR". Using this, users can easily detect whether the PV power plant is performing as expected for the current level of irradiation, given the plant’s known specific losses. Any clipping of the inverters is taken into account in the calculation. A corresponding data channel, "Expected yield", has also been added, that is derived from "Expected Power".


The new data channels will be automatically shown in the Plant Explorer for each plant and can be appended to charts and tables for data evaluation.


Data-Dependent Color-Coded Widget PVGuard skytron energy


(3) Alarm functions now include seasonality

In the new PVGuard version, error checks have an added seasonal dependence meaning they can be switched on or off on according to month. Using this new feature, for example, special fine-tuned alarms could be created for summer months, which could then be switched off in the winter to avoid false alarms. 


Data-Dependent Picture-Coded Widget PVGuard skytron energy


Please feel free to contact our service department at if you have any questions about the new version of PVGuard®.


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The skytron® energy Team

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Update: PVGuard® 2.5

Heat Map

Apart from fixes, version 2.5 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Heat Map Chart, Data-Dependent Color-Coded Widgets and Picture-Coded Widgets.


PVGuard® 2.4

Fleet Management

Intelligent monitoring across plant portfolio through new Fleet Manager


Update: PVGuard® 2.3

integrated control functionality

PVGuard® version 2.3 brings a number of improvements to the application: Remote control of PV systems from the control room, system controller and network analysis in high resolution, further integration of FlexReportXL as well as additional enhancements.