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Update: PVGuard® 2.1For optimized PV plant performance

skytron® energy today launched a new version of its leading PV supervision software PVGuard. PVGuard 2.1 stands for best-in-class supervision and remote monitoring of PV plants.

The highlight of the upgraded PVGuard is the newly introduced dashboard for the clear display of all performance and yield characteristics of a PV plant. The Dashboard Designer enables PV plant owners and operators to design their own customized plant displays, which show at a glance exactly the information they need. With this new tool, PVGuard users can also design their own mimic diagrams suited to their individual arrangement of plants and featuring their own branding.


“We are excited to launch the new version of our industry-leading PV supervision platform,” says Hendrik Hoffman, Director of Software, Service and O&M at skytron energy. “With its enhanced usability, the PVGuard 2.1 truly adds value to our customers’ operations and maintenance capabilities.”


The PVGuard 2.1 includes improvements in the way supervision data for plants in different time zones is handled in charts, tables and in the pre-defined views. This is especially important for operators with a global portfolio of solar power systems and plants spread across different regions.


The new version also includes significant improvements in the emailing functionality and allows PV plant owners to define multiple email lists for plants, each with different set of recipients. Plant operators can now configure emails to be sent at a defined time or on the basis of a triggering alarm.


PVGuard supports all inverters and energy meters in common use. The new version released today has automatically been made available to all PVGuard customers over night.



Update: PVGuard® 2.6

Fleet Manager with aggregated values

Apart from fixes, version 2.6 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Fleet Manager with aggregated values, Expected Power / Expected Yield, alarm functions now include seasonality.


Update: PVGuard® 2.5

Heat Map

Apart from fixes, version 2.5 of PVGuard also brings a number of improvements to the application: Heat Map Chart, Data-Dependent Color-Coded Widgets and Picture-Coded Widgets.


PVGuard® 2.4

Fleet Management

Intelligent monitoring across plant portfolio through new Fleet Manager